Direct Injection!

Hanno®-Injection Bulk – to produce pressure-resistant areas in sealing tapes
This innovative PU injection resin allows quick and easy injection into already installed joint sealing tapes and multi-functional tapes. After hardening, the resin is pressure-resistant and suitable to withstand loads.
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Comfort begins with HANNO

Hannoband®-3E BG1 – with innovative membrane technology
In our multifunctional tapes as standard for more than 10 years: Thanks to the moisture-variable, integrated functional membranes, the Hannoband®-3E BG1 multifunctional tape adapt ideally to the ambient conditions. Ensuring your customers' long-term sense of well-being.

Quiet on board

No rattling, no shaking, no clattering, no thudding
HANNO offers highly-effective products for sound, thermal and vibration insulation. That ensures quiet for rail vehicles and automobiles – and relaxed passengers.

Expand your Ideas

The tape that grows with your demands
HANNO's products for construction joint sealing on windows and façades always meet the very highest standards and are characterised by unparalleled durability.




Thanks to many years of experience HANNO offers solutions in the area of damping and sealing of constructively critical areas in automobiles and commercial vehicles. 

Electronics & Transportation

HANNO has a special packaging solution for an allround protection against mechanical and electrostatic damage during shipping.

Window construction

There is nothing better than our 3E system for joint sealing. A truly sustainable solution, as it reduces heating costs and ensures long-term joint quality!

Facade engineering

In building construction, HANNO's pre-compressed joint sealing tapes create sustainable solutions. Each sealing tape is also certified and offers optimum safety.

Household appliances

Still hearing one’s own words even while doing housework? Fortunately, thanks to HANNO's wide range of noise insulation solutions, this goes without saying.

Rail vehicles

With HANNO’s sound-absorbing and heat-insulating products, we reduce vibration and wind noises and thus bring relaxation directly on the rail track.

Air conditioning

When it's hot outside, we are being refreshed inside by the mild winds from air-conditioning systems - unnoticed, thanks to the sound-insulating and air-filtering HANNO products.

Room acoustics

When it should be very quiet: HANNO sound insulations in industrial halls, schools, offices, recording studios, etc. reduce reverberation times and lower the speech- and thus the stress level.

Mechanical engineering

Specialists from HANNO integrate our products for sound insulation early in the development process, so that working with machines does not become an acoustic ordeal.

Our promise to you

Quality & reliability

The consistently high quality standard of HANNO, which is regularly confirmed on our test benches and in our laboratories, is the reason for our customers' trust in the brand.

Innovative & highly effective products

Silence is the strength of our products. HANNO offers customized solutions for all industrial applications in the areas of sealing and insulation.

Sustainability & Compliance

At HANNO we consider it our duty to strictly comply with all applicable rules and to always demand and promote environmentally conscious actions in the here and now.

The company HANNO

For many decades HANNO has been developing and producing sealing tapes, sealants and sound insulations for the application in building and drywall construction, industry and other areas.


Our products, which perform multiple important key functions, are usually well hidden and completely invisible to the user. As silent talents they are remarkable, perceptible and experienceable.

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