Hanno® 3-Layer Joint Sealing System



Hanno® 3-Layer Joint Sealing System

The Hanno sealing system is the safe and sure way of avoiding guarantee claims: Using Hanno system components for all layers is the basis for granting project-specific 15-year function guarantees.

Your customers will be interested and impressed by the prospect of saving fuel costs and the security of guaranteed long-term joint integrity.

The products of the Hanno® 3-Layer Joint Sealing System are suitable for passive-house construction.

More informations about the Passive-House-study

Product properties

  • Temperature factor fRsi 0,92 to 0,96
  • High air tightness
  • Very good thermal insulation

1. Weather protection layer

Must be wind-tight and driven rain tight but open for vapour diffusion.

Recommended products


2. Function layer

The function layer is located between the outer and the inner layer. It provides soundproofing and thermal insulation in the connection zone. This layer should be completely filled.

Recommended products

  • Hanno®-Assembly Pistol Foam
  • Hannoband®-THERM


3. Inner layer

Must be airtight and more resistant to vapour pressure than the outer seal.

Recommended products