Company mission

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Health and safety first

We prioritise the health and and safety of our employees. There is no greater good.

Demand and promote

We face the competition with high productivity demands. For this we need performance and we want performance to be fun.

Quality over quantity

We commit ourselves with the name HANNO to the highest quality. That is why our customers trust the brand.

Learning from mistakes

We see mistakes as opportunities. Mistakes can happen. What is decisive is how we deal with them and develop from them.

Better as a team

We want to be "the best" for our business partners the best" for our business partners and customers. We can only achieve this as a team in which we complement and support each other.

Sympathy for people

Every individual deserves interest, empathy and appreciation. We think of this in our daily interaction.

Law, morality and ethics are a duty

Compliance: We consider it a matter of course to strictly adhere to all applicable rules. Only then do we obtain and maintain our right to exist.

Speech is golden, listening too

We rely on open and honest communication as an essential management tool. This is the motor for motivation and success.

Living responsibility

We are active and tackle any challenge, we act where action is needed.

Trust is the basis

We rely on each other. That is the basis of our togetherness.

Moderate use

We use the resources we need with care. Sustainability is our promise to the future.

Sustainability & Compliance

Thinking about tomorrow, today

As a medium-size company with global activities we meet a comprehensive set of compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules. We believe that avoiding waste and disposal as well as the sparing consumption of energy and all kinds of resources is our deep commitment and motivation of action. The safe handling of our substances and materials helps maintain the health of our employees and the environment.

In the development of new products and processes and the improvement of products already on the selling range, we focus on sustainability and environmental protection and do not flinch from high R&D input and testing for energy efficient products with a sustainable impact. Many of our tested products are certified to the EMICODE directives “EC1PLUS“and therefore are considered to be of “very low emission“. In this way, our customers can be assured that these products are free of harmful substances in the room air. For building certifications according to LEED and DGNB, we issue manufacturer’s declarations to you. Our studies in the passive house suitability of certain energy efficient products attract a great deal of attention. Life cycle assessments are available for certain individual product areas or input materials from our raw material suppliers or as co-owner of the PDR Society for the recycling of PU cans and this life cycle assessment. We submit to strict test criteria and self-undertakings of well-known institutes. We want to continue our holistic approach to sustainability. This refers to applications with a proven record of many years as well as to new, modern products oriented on the aspects of the “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability“ (LOHAS) for a sustainable lifestyle combined with affinity for technology and quality consciousness.

Our Compliance Management includes a suitably structured quality management system based on IATF 16949 and DIN ISO 9001 with a Quality Management Officer and also an environment management system (certified according to ISO 14001) and the ÖKOPROFIT (Ecological Project for Integrated Environment Technology) certification. In addition to that, it also comprises energy management (ISO 50001 – certification not applicable to HANNO) and safety at work (no OSHAS18001 certification) and is monitored by a Compliance Officer.

Many years of the existence of Corporate Guidelines and Employee Guidelines demonstrate our self-undertakings and combine with our socially approved principles (securing the long-term existence of the company, sustainability in strategic and operative business, definition of internal indicators for sustainable company management, guidance by values and compliance with rules as well as the implementation of the basic principles of sustainable company management: solidarity, transparency, risk management) with the aim of integrating social matters and environment matters in our work and in the interaction with all stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

Securing the viability of the company and of our products „made in Germany“ are high values for our employees, shareholders and customers. We are also committed to the fundamental values and principles of the UN Global Compact, similar to ISO 26000, which we document as employer by being a member of the textile and clothing industry with the published „Code of Conduct“ as well as membership in the Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe (FSK) with the „Compliance und Verhaltensregeln der Polyurethan- und Schaumkunststoffindustrie“ and also advertize as our commitment on our websites.


Research & development

Highest quality and safety are our standard

The high quality standards ensure constant high quality in the manufacture of our products. In-house research & development translate requirements of our customers in technical solutions and develop innovative products of high efficiency. Additional safety is provided by external test certificates from independent testing institutions.

Quality and reliability

Good always gets better

"Do not rest on your laurels" has been one of our credos since the company was founded. That's why we not only put all our know-how into every single product but are constantly working to optimize our performance.

Continuous quality management and the reliability of our products are our highest priority. That's why we attach the utmost importance to the regular monitoring and quality assurance, which our customers have always expected from us. Our quality assurance is carried out according to IATF 16949: 2016 and DIN ISO 9001:2015.