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Sustainable front joint seals

Hanno tapes for sealing joints in fronts and masonry comply with highest demands. For example, the well-known Hannoband-BG1 clearly exceeds the requirements of DIN 18542. At the end of a 15-year outdoor weather test the tape recovered 250-300 % of the joint width. If the right dimension is installed, the sealing tapes from HANNO can be painted over on both sides.

Sealing tape of high quality

Joints sealed with Hanno sealing tape provide higher protection by functional membranes and strong recovery. In addition to that, the tapes are highly resistant to heat and absorb sound. Front joints can be sealed quickly with reel lengths of up to 24 m. Numerous test reports and certificates by approved test institutes and certification centers confirm the quality of the sealing tapes.

Hannoband-BG1 or Hannoband-BSB BG1 also as fire protection tape

Hannoband-BG1 is particularly suitable for the long-term reliable sealing of joints. This first-class sealing tape exceeds all requirements of DIN 18542 on resistance to driving rain, air tightness and resistance to weather. Besides, the tape is open to diffusion and can be painted over. Fire resistance is a special property of Hannoband-BSB BG1 – a special fire protection tape which is hardly flammable. It is used in partitions and fire resistant doors, also for windows and other applications.

HANNO offers a wide range of joint sealing solutions. As a specialist in sealing tapes, HANNO also markets products for the sealing of window joints or special dry construction solutions in addition to sealing tapes for front joints.