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Sound Insulation

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Effective sound insulation for equipment in medical technology and therapy

Technical devices in medicine and therapy manage important tasks in controlling and regulation. A lot of those devices are lacking sound insultaion and start to produce noises and sounds while working. Many patients sense those recurring, monotonous sounds disturbing. They need peace and silence to relax and rest. In order to not interfere with the patients recovery, the soundscape should be reduced to the inevitable minimum. Since turning off or regulate the sounds is often not possible, an additional sound insulation might be required.


Sound insulation for diverse requirements

As complex as the range of medical devices, as complex are the sounds of those machines. Therefore, it is important to choose the right sound protection for each device. Depending on their contruction, devices produce sounds in different frequencies. This should be considered when it comes to the choice of the adequate protection. Our product line offers you plenty acoustic foams for suitable sound insulation. Acoustic foams absorb the sound waves, change them into thermal energy and divert this energy. Thus, acoustic foams decrease the sound level and reduce any noise markedly.


Preventing tones, vibrations and airborne sounds

The most of medical equipment comes along with synthetic covering. While working, vibrations are transferred to this covering and produce an ongoing humming. Most patients are feeling quite uncomfortable around such sounds. Yet, for this as well we can offer you suitable remedying products for sound insulation. Vibration sounds can be prevented by increasing the weight of the device covering: The heavier the weight, the lower the soundscape. By applying heavy acoustic foil to the inner surface of the covering, medical devices can be refitted in a few simple steps. In this way the inherent frequency of the thin synthetic covering will change and disturbing vibrations are permanently stopped.


Combining sound insulations

In addition to the impact sound, medical devices also produce airborne sound. Membrane absorber do the best sound insulation in this case by absorbing a wide range of the airborne sound frequencies. For most devices membrane absorbers with light material thickness but high density are perfectly sufficient for an effective sound insulation. At the same time these membrane absorbers can facilitate an increase the effect of heavy foils. For medical devices that mostly produce sounds in high frequencies, nubbed foam - known from sound studios - has proved itself. This kind of sound insulation is particularly suitable for devices with noisy fans.


HANNO - your partner for complete solutions in matters of sound insulation and prevention

We can provide you with plenty products for effective sound insulation in medical technology and therapy. Due to attractive and fair terms as well as modern logistics we are able to deliver you all your required products even in high number shortly after your order - safely and hygienically packed.