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Window and facade joint seals

HANNO offers a wide range of solutions for sealing window and facade joints. The range comprises special products for different installation situations. This includes special sealing tapes such as Hanno-multifunctional tapes or different Hanno-joint sealing tapes, which are also suitable for special fire protection solutions, and complete sealing solutions such as the Hanno-3-level joint sealing system.

Sealing tapes for facades and construction components

For sealing facades and construction components with tape quickly and reliably, the Hanno-multifunctional tapes are the optimum choice. A patented membrane technology controls the passage of moisture and acts as efficient barrier. In addition, HANNO supplies a range of precompressed joint sealing tapes specially for fronts and windows. At present, twelve different sealing tapes are available for sealing windows and facades. Each of these sealing tape has been tested by a competent test institution and therefore offers optimum safety.


Hanno 3-level joint sealing system and other products

The Hanno 3-level joint sealing system ensures tested joint sealing of windows suitable for passive houses, which helps reduce heating cost and ensures long-term quality and reliability of the sealed joint. Besides, the product range comprises high-quality flashing tapes for windows with vapor pressure gradient, several complementary products such as sealing compounds, adhesives and polyurethane foams as well as special roller jalousie housing for air absorption and heat insulation.

Hanno joint sealing for the global market

The window and facade joint sealing solutions from HANNO have been used with success in many countries around the globe: For example, several projects ensuring safe and reliable sealing of windows were completed in Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA and Russia.