Hanno®-Fiber 30 AL

Sound insulating element with very high airborne sound absorption



Hanno®-Fiber 30 AL

Product description

The sound insulating element consists of a special polyester fleece material with very high airborne sound absorption with aluminium foil lamination.


Product properties

  • 100 % polyester fiber fleece
  • Very good acoustic properties
  • Good ultraviolet resistance
  • Rot resistant
  • aluminium surface

Form of Delivery

  • Cut, punched elements
  • Self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive acrylate adhesive)
  • Available in 10 to 80 mm thickness


Install only on dry, grease-free, clean surfaces; press full surface firmly in contact. Using a sharp knife, you can cut the material easily to the size you need. Hanno®-Fiber 30 AL can be finished to be self-adhesive.



Technical problem solutions in automotive industry, rail, machine building and apparatus construction.



Materials with fleece structure tend to change dimensions during processing (punching, cutting, compression, wrapping, installation, etc.). Compliance with dimension al tolerances of ±10% is possible. If special requirements on the dimensional stability are important, please contact our customer service team.

Environment and disposal

Hanno®-Fiber 30 AL can be disposed of as household waste in landfills or waste incineration plants. Local waste disposal regulations must be observed.