Hanno Flashing Tapes

HANNO offers high-quality flashing tapes for all RAL-conforming applications in window installation with vapour pressure gradients.

The weak point in window installation remains the interface between the masonry and the window, or the window joint itself. If the joint is not appropriately sealed, the building can lose valuable energy.

In addition, the window may suffer moisture damage or even mould. This can require expensive or complicated repairs. Moist indoor air is transported from the warm to the cold side of the window. While indoor air is generally warmer than outdoor air in the winter, in the summer indoor areas often have a lower temperature than the outdoor air. This is typically the case, for instance, when using air conditioning systems.

We recommend Hanno 3E Film Adhesive MS or Hanno Sealing Glue F to create a secure bond.

Hanno Flashing Tapes
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