Hanno Flashing Tape DUO Easy Patches

Quick and handy
The versatile Hanno -Flashing Tape DUO Easy is also available as perforated patches. These convenient stickers can be applied quickly and easily on the construction site.

Hanno -Flashing Tape DUO Easy consists of a modified polyamide film/non-woven combination. The fully self-adhesive surface allows a quick and easy installation of the flashing tape, which may be
plastered or painted over and does not require any additional adhesion on the masonry.

Hanno -Flashing Tape DUO Easy was designed especially for curtain-type window elements often used for energy efficient constructions. It is moisture-variable and therefore can be used both inside and outside.

Hanno Flashing Tape DUO Easy Patches
Hanno Flashing Tape DUO Easy Patches
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Hanno Flashing Tape DUO Easy 180 product characteristics

• Perforated patches on a roll
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Moisture-variable adaptation
• Driving rain (EN 1027 ≥ 1050 Pa) and air tight
• Fully self adhering; bonding without additional film adhesives
• 12 months UV stable
• W1 water tightness of the foil according to EN 1928


Data sheet, installation instructions and information for Hanno Flashing Tape DUO Easy Patches

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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