Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D

Elastic tape for exterior connections

Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D is permeable and resistant to driving rain, making it suitable for sealing exterior window connection joints. It consists of a stretchy, air-permeable membrane and woven material combination.

Just like Hanno Flashing Tape FI-D, the tape is stretchy to absorb component movements, preventing tearing at the sides of the window joint.

The self-adhesive attachment strips enable simple, full-coverage installation of the flashing tape for plastering or painting over. The tape can also be equipped with two self-adhesive strips or butyl strips for connection to the wall.

Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D
Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D
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Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D product characteristics

• Vapour-permeable nonwoven material combination
• Elastic to absorb component movements in a targeted manner
• Can be plastered or painted over on both sides
• For connections sealed against driving rain ≥ 600 Pa
• Waterproof in accordance with DIN EN 13984 W1
• UV resistant for 3 months
• Universal use in new construction and renovation


Data sheet, installation instructions and information for Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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Hanno Flashing Tape FA-D