Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy

Specially designed for internal connections

Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy is a great choice for sealing interior window connections.
It consists of a diffusion-resistant, air-tight membrane and woven material combination. The full-surface self-adhesive underside enables simple, full-coverage installation of the flashing tape for plastering or painting over, without additional adhesion on the masonry.

Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy can also be processed at low temperatures down to –10 °C. 1

Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy+ has an additional 23 mm wide adhesive strip on the material side to connect to the window frame.

Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy
Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy
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Hanno Flashing Tape FI Easy product characteristics

• ift-certified
• Airtight to around ≤ 0.1 m³/(h·m·(daPa)2/3)
• Diffusion-resistant: sd value > 10 m
• No additional film adhesive required
• All bonded layers covered with longitudinally cut film
• Strong, immediate adhesion
• Can be plastered or painted over
• Suitable for renovations and new construction
• Suitable for working at low temperatures