Hanno-Composite Foam V18

Hanno-Composite Foam V18 is a fully functional recyclate from PUR foams.
This flake composite foam is produced by using defined, selected raw materials in the form of flakes.
The aim of the production process is to maintain the open-cell structure and elasticity, the even distribution of the functionally appropriate additional materials in or on the cell structure and the integration of the solid partner materials into the foam matrix, while retaining the functionality.

PUR flake composite foams combine the unique properties of PUR foams and precisely controllable additional benefits.

Hanno-Composite Foam V18
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Product characteristics of Hanno-Composite Foam

• open-cell flake composite foam with variable properties
• good airborne sound insulation and absorption
• good structure-borne sound insulation due to high density
• high mechanical load capacity
• good resilience, good elasticity
• EN 45545

Areas of application:

• automotive industry
• packaging
• sound absorption
• upholstery industry