Hanno-Injection Block

To create pressure-resistant areas in multi-functional tapes

Hanno-Injection Block is a PU injection resin injected at specific points in joint sealing tapes.
After curing, the resin is pressure-resistant and suitable for absorbing loads from the building’s own components and other loads that impact windows and doors – such as for backfilling locks to fulfil burglary protection requirements (tested up to resistance class RC3).

The resin is injected directly into the finished joint sealing tape, and the tape does not need to be disengaged before installation. 

Hanno-Injection Block
Hanno-Injection Block
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Hanno-Injection Block product characteristics

• Quick and easy injection directly into sealing tapes and multi-functional tapes
• To construct press-resistant areas for absorbing loads of the building materials themselves and other loads
• Easy to work with thanks to delayed curing
• The injection resins can be used anywhere after installation without defining their position in advance


Hanno®-Injection Block installation instructions

No need to struggle with complex instructions: our brief video provides a clear, easy to understand explanation of steps for installing the product.

Data sheet, installation instructions and information on Hanno®-Injection Block

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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Hanno Injection resin