Hanno Joint sealing tapes for windows

Are you looking for a sealing tape for window installation? HANNO offers a broad range of pre-compressed joint sealing tapes designed for use in window construction and façade sealing, as well as in drywall construction.

Hanno Joint sealing tapes for windows
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Professional joint sealing in window and building construction

Window sealing tapes with foam/membrane technology

A new addition to the Hanno product line is Hannoband-BG1 M, which stands out for its foam/membrane technology and a resistance to driving rain of ≥ 600 Pa. Thanks to its membrane technology and associated sound insulating properties, it is an excellent choice for use as a window sealing tape. Just like every Hanno window sealing tape, it seals with a wide range of joint tolerances. One or two tape sizes can cover all commonly used joint widths.

Sealing tapes for any window

Currently, we offer five different sealing tapes for use in window construction. Each Hanno sealing tape is equipped with a high-performing adhesive application.

Tested joint sealing tapes for optimal safety

Each Hanno sealing tape for windows is tested by testing-laboratory and offers the protection you need if installed according to the instructions. Hanno also offers fire retardant sealing tapes in fire resistance class EI 120.

Hanno® Joint sealing tapes in façade construction

Hanno sealing tapes for sealing the joints of façade elements and masonry joints fulfil the highest demands. Proven Hannoband-BG1 well exceeds the requirements of DIN 18542. After outdoor testing over 15 years, the tape has proven to retain recovery capabilities of 250-300% of its width. Hanno sealing tapes can also be painted over in the correct dimensions.

High-quality sealing tape

Joint sealings with Hanno sealing tapes guarantee better protection due to good recovery properties and air-tightness especially by using products with functional membranes. In addition, the tapes offer both good thermal and sound insulation. For façade work, the joint sealing can be carried out quickly with roll lengths of up to 24 m.  Numerous test certificates from recognised testing agencies confirm the quality of our sealing tapes.

Hannoband-BG1 or Hannoband-BSB BG1 as fire protection tape

Hannoband-BG1 is an especially good choice for long-lasting, optimised joint sealing. This first-class sealing tape exceeds all of the requirements of DIN 18542 for resistance to driving rain, air-tightness and weather resistance. In addition, it stands out for its permeability and ability to be painted over. Hannoband-BSB BG1 can be used to ensure fire resistance – a specialised, fire retardant and resistant tape. The sealing tape is used for partition walls and fire protection doors, as well as for windows.

HANNO offers an extensive product range of joint sealing solutions – in addition to sealings for façade construction, HANNO is your sealing tape expert for window joint sealing or specialised drywall construction solutions.