Hanno®-Joint Sealing Tapes

Professional joint sealing in building construction



Hanno®-Joint Sealing Tapes for windows

You are looking for joint sealing tape for installation of windows? Hanno® offers a wide range of precompressed joint sealing tapes designed for use in window construction for face protection and drywall construction.

The window sealing tape with patented foam/membrane technology

A newcomer to the Hanno® range is Hannoband®-BG1 M featuring patented foam/membrane technology and resistance to driving rain of ≥ 600 Pa. Among other properties, the high air-tightness and the associated heat and noise insulating properties make this product ideal for use as sealing tape for windows. Like any other Hanno® sealing tape for windows, it reliably compensates high joint tolerances; one or two belt sizes are enough to cover all common joint widths.

Sealing tapes for any window

At present, we have six different sealing tapes for windows on our selling range. Every Hanno® sealing tape is provided with high-performing glue application.

Tested joint sealing tape for optimum safety

Every Hanno® sealing tape for windows is certified by competent testing laboratories and provides the required protection if installed as prescribed. The Hanno® range also includes flame retardant fire resistance class El 120 sealing tapes.

Hanno®-Joint Sealing Tapes for facade engineering

Hanno sealing tapes for joint sealing of façade elements and masonry joints satisfy the highest demands.

The well-known Hannoband®-BG1 clearly exceeds the performance requirements of DIN 18542. After a test in which the tape was exposed to weather for 15 years, it was demonstrated that the tape recovered for 250–300 % of the joint width.

When properly dimensioned, HANNO sealing tapes can also be painted over.

Sealing tapes with quality

The patented foam/membrane technology of Hannoband®-BG1-M features high air-tightness and therefore excellent heat and noise insulation properties and is resistant to driving rain up to 600 Pa. Face joint sealing is a quick affair with reel lengths of up to 24 m, for example, with Hannoband®-BG1 XL. . Numerous test certificates have been issued for all joint sealing tapes from Hanno® by approved testing laboratories and organizations.

Hannoband®-BG1 and Hannoband®-BSB BG1 as fire protection tape

Anyone favouring long-term perfectly sealed construction joints will go for Hannoband®-BG1: Even after a 15-year outdoor weathering test in a joint Hannoband® still clearly exceeds the requirements for protection against driving rain, air-tightness and resistance to weathering according to DIN 18542. Hannoband®-BSB BG1 is a special fire protection tape. It's flame retardant according to DIN 4102 T1 and is available up to fire rating EI 120. The tape can be used for indoor fire protection doors and partitions, for fire protection windows and for sealing joints between masonry parts to ensure the required fire rating.

At HANNO you will find a wide range of joint sealing solutions - in addition to seals for façade construction, HANNO, as a sealing tape expert, also offers products for the sealing of window joints or special drywall solutions.

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