Hannoband-BSB BG1

Joint sealing tape with acrylate-dispersion impregnation specially designed for fire protection. This speciality fire protection tape is fire retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 and can be used up to fire resistance class EI 120* in accordance with EN 1366-4. Confirmed through system testing.

Suitable for joints directly exposed to the weather, for fire protection doors and partition walls indoors and for fire protection windows, as well as to create joints between masonry walls and ensure fire resistance safety.

Hannoband-BSB BG1
Hannoband-BSB BG1
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Hannoband-BSB BG1 product characteristics

• Fire resistance class EI 120, in accordance with EN 13664 – depending on the joint structure

• Complies with DIN 18542:2009, exposure class 1


Data sheet, installation instructions and information on Hannoband-BSB BG1

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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Hannoband BSB BG1