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Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 and + 240

Fully surfaced adhesive layer for inside and outside connections



Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 and + 240

Product description

Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 was designed especially for curtain-type window elements often used for energy efficient constructions. While Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 have one fully surfaced adhesive layer, Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy+ 240 provides an adhesive strip on the other side, too. This enables Hanno®-Flashing Tape Duo Easy+ 240 to replace standard foil tapes for many structural situations. The foil tapes are moisture-variable and therefore can be used both inside and outside. The sd value for both tapes is between 0.48 < sd < 12.0 m. The high driving rain resistance of > 1050 Pa prevents the ingress of moisture on the weather side. On the inside, the important airtightness is achieved with an an-value of < 0.1. The flashing tape can be installed at low temperatures down to -10°C*.

*However, there should be no separating film, e,g., moisture, ice or hoar frost, on the surface on which the tape is installed because it would prevent the contact of the glue with the surface.

Product properties

  • moisture adapting sd value 0,48 ≤ sd ≤ 12,0 m
  • elastic: absorbs construction material movements
  • fully surfaced adhesive layer: no need to use a film adhesive
  • resistant to driving rain up to 1050 Pa and airtightness tested an ≤ 0,1
  • can be plastered and painted over
  • all adhesive layers covered by slit film
  • tempertaure resistant from -40°C to 80°C
  • application temperature -10°C to 30°C
  • 3 months resistance to ultraviolet radiation