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Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO

The ideal flashing tape for the outdoor and indoor window joint



Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO

Product description

The variable sd coefficient makes our innovative „Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO“ foil tape suitable for indoor and outdoor application and provides dry joints under all weather conditions. The film adapts to the prevailing temperature conditions and makes moisture in the joint move outside when the outdoor temperature is low while permitting moisture to enter the inner space when outdoor temperatures rise.


Product properties

  • Combination of PET fleece and PA film with variable sd value
  • Self-adhesive strip with film cover for quick installation on the window frame
  • Can be rendered/painted over on both sides
  • Sd-variable, only one film tape for indoor and outdoor (reduces stocks)
  • For air-right connections with resistance to driving rain ≥ 600 Pa, an ≤ 1,0
  • RAL-conforming
  • Universally applicable for new buildings, renovations