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Hanno®-Flashing Tape FIB

Fleece-bonded or aluminium-coated butyl tapes



Hanno®-Flashing Tape FIB

Product description

The FIB flashing tapes can be used for side and bottom connections of the window joint. They consists of an air-tight fleece-butyl combination and can be plastered/rendered and painted over and are air-tight and diffusion inhibiting according to RAL. This combination ensures optimum properties.


Product properties

  • Hanno®-Flashing Tape FIB-2S (fleece coated) 2-sided adhesive for side window joints
  • Hanno®-Flashing Tape FIB-1S (fleece coated) 1-sided adhesive for lower window joints
  • Hanno®-Flashing Tape FIB-1S alu (aluminium-coated) 1-sided adhesive repair tape, versatile applications
  • stable volume, airtight, diffusion-inhibiting
  • fleece laminated products suitable for overplastering and overpainting
  • free of solvents and bitumen
  • resistant to ageing, weathering, UV
  • non-corroding