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Hannoband®-3E IDA

The multifunction tape for window connection joints



Hannoband®-3E IDA

Product description

The Hannoband®-3E IDA (Innen Dichter als Außen/Inside Tighter than Outside) is a pre-compressed and impregnated multifunctional joint sealing tape for the sealing of all function areas in window joint sealing with a single product.


In addition to protection from driving rain and providing an air-tight seal, this multi-function tape provides efficient sound and heat insulation. Due to the excellent elastic recovery, movements of building components are compensated even after many years, which reliably avoids a joint flank failure in the window joint.

DIN 18542:2009 BG2 and BGR certified by MPA Bau Hannover


Product properties

  • inside tighter than outside
  • Building materials class B2 in accordance with DIN 4102
  • Resistance to driving rain in accordance with EN1027 > 1050 Pa
  • Airtight in accordance with DIN 18542:2009 BGR an ≤ 0.1
  • Weighted joint sound insulation value RST,W 57 dB (not plastered over)
  • Installation independent of weather (frost/rain)
  • Easy handling
  • No flank failure when components move