Hannoband-3E Easy

The new leading role
This triple easy multi-functional tape has been tested by MPA BAU HANNOVER and has been proven to be moisture-variable. With its external Hanno® high-performance membranes that protect the functional layer, it ensures permanently dry connection joints. Hannoband-3E Easy is airtight on the interior, sound and thermal insulating in the center, and driving rain-tight on the exterior. The moisture-variable functional membranes adapt their water vapour permeability to the moisture load. In this way, moisture can be transported out and the joint can dry out all year round. Depending on the degree of compression, Hannoband-3E Easy can be used flexibly to seal different joint widths and is suitable for both MF1 and MF2 requirements.

Hannoband-3E Easy
Hannoband-3E Easy Hannoband-3E Easy Hannoband-3E Easy
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Hannoband-3E Easy product characteristics

• MPA-certified for MF1 and MF2 according to DIN 18542:2020
• easy handling due to neutral running direction
• moisture-variable for permanently dry connection joints
• driving rain tightness according to DIN EN 1027 > 1050 Pa
• very high air tightness
• very low joint permeability an < 0,1 m³(h·m·(daPa)2/3)
• UV/weather resistant
• Suitable for passive houses and new buildings according to DIN 18542:2020
• MPA-tested and GEG-compliant (German Building Energy Act)


Hannoband-3E Easy installation instructions

No need to struggle with complex instructions: our brief video provides a clear, easy to understand explanation of steps for installing the product.