Hanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System

For window installation in the insulation layer

The adhesive-based in-front-of-wall installation system optimises thermal bridges and offers high strength. A long lifespan and insensitivity to moisture make the profiles ideal for professional, time-saving and lasting window installation.

Using the Hanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System saves valuable time – and reduces installation costs. The system is also secure and reliable, as confirmed by numerous tests and certifications.

*ift and RAL apply to Hannoband 3E-BG1 only

Hanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System
Hanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation SystemHanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation SystemHanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation SystemHanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System
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Hanno-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System product characteristics

• Optimises thermal bridges
• High material strength
• Easy to work with
• Tested quality 53 dB


System components of the Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System have passed testing by the ift Rosenheim for professional, state-of-the-art requirements, and stand out for their good strength, moisture resistance and long-lasting quality.

Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System installation instructions

No need to struggle with complex instructions: our brief video provides a clear, easy to understand explanation of steps for installing the product.

Optimises thermal bridges and improves sound insulation

Using the Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System saves valuable time – and reduces installation costs. The system is also secure and reliable, as confirmed by numerous tests and certifications.

High potential for improvement for ETICS façades, ventilated façades or two-layer masonry in window connections. It can be used to optimise thermal bridges by precisely evaluating the window’s position in the structure.

The Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System improves such thermal bridges significantly when installed in the insulation area. This not only saves energy for a GEG certification as well as heating costs, but also reduces the danger of dew build-up inside the window jamb, preventing later complaints. In addition, using the Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System improves sound insulation performance over commonly used systems, by giving the system a much higher mass.


Simple installation
Combine the product with high-performing, long-lasting multifunctional tape Hannoband-3E BG1 and joint sealing tape Hannoband-3E UA to be on the safe side.

The adhesive-based system can easily be adapted and installed on the construction site, needing only normal woodworking tools to install. The attachment points are already pre-drilled. This makes installation simple, with a well-planned concept that offers easier processing.


Lightweight, convenient and fast
Compared to commonly available solutions for installing windows in the insulation layer, which use support brackets, our system can be installed quickly, easily and conveniently. Using Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation Frames can save up to 10 minutes on a single standard window (123 x 148 cm). We achieve these time savings by pre-drilling frames and brackets with a 6 cm edge spacing, as well as by bonding insulation strips to the frame in the factory for Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation Frames. Even large window openings can be constructed quickly and easily. All of these features reduce installation costs.

Data sheet, installation instructions and information on Hanno®-In-Front-of-Wall Installation System

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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Hanno-Front Wall Installation System