Hanno Protecto pf

Sound deadening materials for housing and capsule surfaces

Protecto pf 810 and Protecto pf 820 are bitumen-impregnated insulation materials made of recycled paper. These materials help stabilise all kinds of metals and plastics while reinforcing them and adding weight.

This has a sound deadening effect, meaning that they prevent the spread of structure-borne sound. They also dampen sound passing through walls from different rooms, successfully preventing the spread of airborne sound. Bitumen-elastomer compounds like Protecto pf 830 offer a heavy weight and excellent flexibility – even at low temperatures.

Hanno Protecto pf
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Hanno Protecto plus product characteristics

•  Cardboards or films of 1 – 10 kg/m³
• Reinforcement and adds weight
• Good adhesion even for overhead bonding (preliminary testing required)
• Dampens structure-borne sound