Hanno Tect

For perfect room acoustics

Hanno Tect is a very lightweight material offering sound absorption and thermal insulation properties that can be used in a wide variety of applications. In addition, the material is extremely fire retardant and offers a high level of safety.

Hanno Tect dimpled panels and Hanno Tect suspension panels provide sound insulation, for example in buildings, open-plan offices, industrial and factory halls, banks and insurance companies, sound studios, schools and kindergartens, homes, boats and music rooms.

Specialised surfaces or special types are also available, as are absorbers made of polyurethane foam and other artificial soft foams upon request.

Hanno Tect
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Hanno Tect product characteristics

• Open-cell melamine resin foam
• Light weight of 9–10 kg/m3
• Heat/cold insulating 0.035 W/(m·K)
• Good sound absorption
• Hydrophobic / oleophobic customisable
• Fire retardant (temperature resistant up to 180 °C)
• UV resistant
• Fibre-free
• DIN 5510-2, EN 45545, DIN 4102 B1
• Specialized surfaces and speciality types available


Hanno Tect is hydrophobic and olephobic customisable

This video demonstrates how hydrophobic and oleophobic Hanno Tect foams can be.

Hanno Tect product shapes

Hanno Tect AL An open-cell melamine resin foam, laminated to a thick aluminium coarse grain foil.

Hanno®-Tect-G+-phob AL18 Hanno®-Tect-G+-phob AL18 is an open-cell foam material made from melamine resin with hydrophobic and oleophobic properties laminated with an aluminium foil.


Hanno Tect-o-phob An open-cell melamine resin foam – ultra-flexible and even lighter (7 kg cbm). Oleophobic and hydrophobic.

Hanno Tect-o-phob dry Adds a drainage function to the properties of Tect-o-phob.


Hanno Tect-G+-phob An especially low-emission, open-cell foam made of melamine resin. The product is fully hydrophobic/oleophobic.


Hanno Tect suspension panels These sound absorbing panels can easily be suspended below the ceiling in variable configurations using commonly-available components. Often, sound absorbing panels cannot be bonded to ceilings and walls for technical or physical reasons. This is one of the biggest advantages of a suspension system.


Data sheet, installation instructions and information on Hanno Tect

Everything at a glance and in digital form – data sheet with full technical specifications and further product information as a practical PDF.

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Hanno Tect