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Versatile sound and heat insulations




Product description

Hanno®-Tect is an open-cell foam made of melamine resin.

Product properties

  • high temperature resistance
  • low thermal conductivity
  • favorable fire behavior, flame retardant
  • good chemical resistance
  • low bulk density
  • excellent sound absorption capacity


  • cuttings, stamped parts
  • self-adhesive
  • with modified surfaces
  • available in thicknesses from 5 to 480mm


Bonding only on dry, grease-free, clean surfaces. Press surfaces well. You can easily adjust the material and cut it with a sharp knife.



Due to the sorption behavior of the melamine resin in combination with the open-cell nature of the foam, the moisture content of the material changes depending on the ambient conditions. Dimensional changes in the order of ± 2% (based on the average moisture content) are linked with this process. This behavior must be taken into account during processing (pre-storage of the parts in the application-oriented climate).

Do not use Tect for outdoor applications / outdoor exposure. The grey color is not UV stable, color variations may occur. Due to the manufacturing process, the product has a mixed pore structure. Up to 10 pores per m² with a diameter of 5 to 15 mm can occur and are not a reason for complaint.

If necessary, the material can be adjusted to hydrophobic and oleophobic by impregnation: Hanno®-Tect-o-phob