Hannoband 3E

Universal use in window joints not exposed directly to the weather

Thanks to the integrated functional membranes, the moisture-adaptive tape creates a barrier effect on the side with the diffusion load.

MPA BAU HANNOVER has verified that the Hanno high-performance membranes adapt to moisture. They transport moisture out of the joint. This ensures a dry joint all year long.

Hannoband 3E
Hannoband 3EHannoband 3EHannoband 3E
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Hannoband 3E Basic product characteristics

•  DIN EN 13501 construction materials class E
• Complies with DIN 18542:2020, load class MF2
• Resistant to driven rain > 1050 Pa in accordance with EN 1027
• Very high air-tightness in ift component testing under MO 01/1 with < 0.05 m³/mh at 50 Pa
• Air-tight to < 0.1 m³(h·m·(daPa)2/3)
• Assessed joint noise reduction RS,W = 57 dB (not plastered)


Installation instructions for Hannoband 3E

No need to struggle with complex instructions: our brief video provides a clear, easy to understand explanation of steps for installing the product.