Hanno®-Front Wall Installation System

For installation of windows on the insulation level



Hanno®-Front Wall Installation System

The profiles for the installation of windows on the insulation level are made of recycled material. They optimize the thermal bridge and are of high strength. Easy to work, the profiles can be matched to the profiles at the construction site. Long life and insensitiveness to moisture makes the profiles ideal for professional and lasting window installation.


  • Optimizing the thermal bridge - improvement of the linear heat transmission coefficient by optimum installation position as described in the HANNO Passive House Study
  • High strength - optimum transmission of force in the structure
  • Insensitive to moisture - 100% water-resistant
  • Open to water vapor permeation
  • Use of usual woodworking tools. Profiles can be adapted to local conditions quickly and easily with conventional woodworking tools. In this way, a custom-fit window opening can be produced on site.
  • Optimization of secondary sound paths
  • Suitable for thermal insulation composite systems, facings with air space and hollow masonry