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Hannoband®-3E BG1 – the multi-functional tape with innovative moisture-adaptive membrane technology. A HANNO standard product for more than 10 years.

Hannoband®-3E BG1

Hannoband®-3E BG1 – the original. Ift-certified. RAL FDKS certified. ASTM tested. Current certification according to DIN 18542:2009.
With innovative moisture-adaptive membrane technology. A standard product among our multifunctional tapes for more than 10 years and patented (US 9732853 B2). The moisture-adaptive membrane technology allows Hannoband®-3E BG1 to adapt optimally to the environment. This not only has advantages in the German climate but makes this tape ideal for the use in other climatic regions around the world, as projects in North and South America, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, Northern and Southern Europe demonstrate.
Your benefit: Security through integrated functional membranes
Excellent airtightness values prevent moisture damage through convection.
Heavy rain resistant to 1050 Pa.
Joint sound-reduction index RW´St 58 dB.
Your benefit: Time savings
No directional restriction when installing.
Strong glue for optimal adhesion.
Well-thought-out material thickness for ease of installation.