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Tested against wind and weather

HANNO: GEG-sealing requirements fulfilled

GEG-conform sealing possible already today (GEG = Gebäude Energie Gesetz / Building Energy Law): Products of the joint-sealing specialist HANNO fulfill the requirements of the upcoming Building Energy Law already now. Hannoband®-3E BG1 as well as Hanno®-Flashing Tapes FI Easy+ and DUO Easy+ have met the requirements according to ift-guideline MO-01/1 (window connections for buildings). All three products stayed significantly below the required limit. An advisory opinion based on the test results confirmed the high quality of the products related to PHI’s (Passive House Institute) categories for “airtight window connections”.


HANNO is prepared for the GEG draft published in May 2019: The manufacturer had three products tested according to the MO-01/1 guideline by ift Rosenheim. Heat transferring surface areas and joints have to be sealed according to the drafted law for new public buildings (§13 Tightness). DIN 4108-2 determines the air tightness for building construction joints, which has to be less than 0.1 m³/[mh (daPa)²/³].

Limits met – air tightness better than required

Hannoband®-3E BG1 and Hanno®-Flashing Tapes FI Easy+ and DUO Easy+ have passed the tests according to ift-guideline MO-01/1: The products were tested in a real construction situation in new condition as well as after simulated cyclic pressure and suction loads, cyclic climate loads on the exterior and 10,000 window operation cycles. The result: All three sealing products achieved scores far below the determined limit. They also achieved positive results concerning parts of test criteria for the passive house certification “airtight window joint sealing”. In this context the airtightness meets the requirements for the passive house standard as confirmed by an advisory opinion of ift Rosenheim.

Hannoband®-3E BG1 and Hanno®-Flashing Tape DUO Easy have been awarded the RAL quality seal. Together with Hanno®-Flashing Tape FI Easy these products protect reliably against wind and weather and will also comply with future requirements and standards for energy efficient buildings.