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Of the roll – alternative to PU installation foam

BAU 2019: "Hannoband-THERM" for thermal and sound insulation in the functional layer

Neat solution: Hannoband-Therm can easily be used directly from the roll and is an efficient and low-emission alternative to installation foam.

At BAU 2019 Hanno (Laatzen) presented its new joint-sealing tape "Hannoband-THERM" for efficient low-emission insulation of joints in the functional layer – an environmentally friendly alternative to PU installation foam. The pre-compressed joint-sealing tape enables simple, fast and clean installation. In addition, it does not need any propellant, has been tested according to Emicode EC1PLUS and is notable for its extremely low VOC emissions – which makes it especially environmentally friendly.

With cut widths of 30 to 200 millimetres and joint thicknesses of up to 40 millimetres, "Hannoband-THERM" is suitable for a diversity of applications: from classical window joint sealing to roller blind boxes, all the typical joints can be securely and durably sealed. After having been installed, the joint-sealing tape expands, adapting to joint tolerances and slight unevenness, and providing a defined joint filling with long-term flexibility – so the joint always conforms to the previously planned and calculated planning details. The possibility of the tape coming out of the joint or the sealing being insufficient can therefore be ruled out.

As a component of the Hanno three-layer sealing system "Hannoband-THERM" is specially designed for concealed applications in the functional layer. It protects reliably against draughts, dust, drifting snow, humidity and noise, and at 0.0396 W/mk provides excellent thermal insulation whilst at the same time being certified as class E building material across the complete range of jointing applications. In combination with "Hanno flashing tape DUO Easy" ift Rosenheim evaluated it as having a sound-reduction index for joints of >62 dB and it thus achieves excellent sound insulation. In combination with additional system components for weather protection and for the inner layer, the joints are professionally sealed and remain durably sealed.

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